JAG and Sinclair Type-3 Q202GR VHF HAM Radio 2-meter band 144-148 MHz Duplexer Harness


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Type-3 Q202GR duplexer harness optimized for the 144-148 MHz (2m) Amateur Radio band. Convert an
old or out-of-band Q202GR duplexer into an optimized 2-meter pass-reject duplexer. This harness is
made using the highest quality commercial and military spec cable and connectors. The Type-3 harness
is made with BELDEN 8267 M17/163-00001 MIL-DTL-17 16428 E108998 60C 1C13 SHIELDED (UL) CMX
OR AWM 1354 OR C(UL) CMX ROHS coax. This RG-213 coaxial cable utilizes single shielded bare copper
braid and bare copper center conductor as part of its construction.